How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Iowa?

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Every 4 minutes a family in the U.S. is going solar

Solar is growing faster than ever before. Solar installations are expected to rise to 3 million by 2021. See graph representing global solar growth projections rising to more than 100GW today.

Solar Grids® energy solution is affordable, convenient, and one-of-a-kind. When you choose Solar Grids®, you are guaranteed to receive reliable and affordable power, professional installation and maintenance, and high-quality customer care.


Don't just save money on energy bills, boost your home value too!

Going solar is one of the best investments you will ever make, not only will it save you thousands in energy savings and help save the planet, but it will raise your home value too. Installing solar panels is the wisest money-saving and money-producing decision you could ever make on your home.

According to a 2019 Zillow analysis of homes across the country, on average, solar panels raise a home’s value by 4.1% across the U.S. For the median-valued home, that's more than a $9,000 premium. Your home premium estimation is dependent on where you live. For example, if you live in New York your premium could be as much as 5.4% or $23,989 (median-valued New York home of $440,400).

The payback period on your solar investment is not something to be overly concerned about as your solar system will save you money, no matter what. Your solar system will either increase your home value should you decide to sell your house, or it will pay itself off in power bill savings before you move out. In both cases, the result is that you will be a happy and financially successful solar owner.


It’s your energy... energy at your fingertips

Owning your own Private Solar Grid® means you’re in control of your own personal energy source at your fingertips. You will never have to worry about an unpredictable electric bill again.

"Over the past decade, national electricity costs have increased at a rate of approximately 2.2% per year."

Solar Grids® Cedar Valley is an Iowa company that provides affordable energy at a locked in rate, and have a 25 year warranty, to provide you relief and peace of mind.

Hassle-Free Process

Our team will handle absolutely everything from planning, permitting, and installation to leave you stress-free and relieved about going solar.

Affordable Energy

Solar energy saves you money on your average utility bill and over time, your solar system will start paying for itself!

25 Year Warranty

Solar panels don't last forever, which is why we'll offer protection for your Solar Grids® for up to 25 years. You deserve peace of mind with solar energy.


Ed is now saving about $100 on his energy bill!

" We added solar panels to our home about four years ago. It has made a significant difference in our electrical bill. Before we installed the panels our electric bill was between $100 and $175 a month. We are part of a net metering plan which allows us to save up credits during the peak summer months that we then use during the winter months. By doing this with have virtually no electric bill. During the summer our electric bill is $0, in the middle of winter, when there is less sunlight, we pay between 15 and 20 dollars a month. The solar panels have been very beneficial to our overall utility budget. I am thankful that we installed the panels when we did."

ED GREENE  //  Spanish Fork, UT

Mark is now saving about $75 on his energy bill

"I’ve been very pleased with my solar energy system. Solar Grids proved to be friendly and knowledgeable. The install was quick and simple also. With my house now powered by solar energy, I am seeing savings and it’s one small step in helping our planet for the future."

MARK LAMB  //  Beaumont, CA


Going solar doesn't have to be difficult or stressful

Every step of your Solar Grids® experience will be handled with the utmost attention, care, and quality service for you to be at ease with solar installation and maintenance. Your relief and happiness is our mission!


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Lifetime Support & Maintenance
Never worry about your Solar Grid® system, our team will provide lifetime maintenance and customer support, so you'll always have ease of mind


And Feel the Freedom of Energy Independence with Solar Grids®.

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Energy Generation

Our team has overseen the sales of more than 20,000,000 watts of solar energy.


Our team has facilitated more than 2,000 solar system installs across the country.